Sector solutions

We specialize in software and eBusiness solutions for industries such as medicine, finance, and tourism.

We have experience with implementing e-commerce systems with comprehensive business support.

We also actively support the development of startups.

Check out our sector solutions that we already realised.



Rozwiązania IT dla branży medycznej

ITtligent provides a wide range of IT solutions dedicated to medical market.

In our portfolio, we have software for medical facilities, to help manage the hospital, health centres and administration.

We create innovative solutions in the field of remote medical care – among others: we are a co-investor and the creator of the platform for telerehabilitation.

A substantial care for our projects is carried out by a rich body of medical experts, in partnership with academic units and universities.


Rozwiązania IT dla branży finansowej

By implementing IT solutions for the financial sector, we provide a synergy between innovative technologies and the broad knowledge of finance and investment markets.
Our priority is to provide IT solutions with high security and high scalability.

We also realise projects as a co-investor, in cooperation with leading investment funds.

Amongst others, we have developed a platform for automated Forex trading with the use of HFTs; GoPay system, which provides a convenient way of payment, including tickets for public transport.


Rozwiązania IT dla branży turystycznej

We create reservation systems and comprehensive IT solutions for the travel industry.

Thanks to modern technologies, we help with a communication between travel agencies, tour operators and customers.

Our booking systems provide an attractive presentation of holiday offers and their global distribution.

We also create ERP class systems, to provide travel agencies with comprehensive sales management and support for all aspects of business.


We have an extensive experience in the implementation and development of startups. We have completed dozen or so of startups, from a number of different industries, including medical, financial, marketing, travel, etc.

We deal with complex consulting, not only in the field of IT solutions, but also business, we also provide substantive and organisational support for the implemented startups.

We also invest in a diversified portfolio of companies from different industries, with particular emphasis on the MedTech and FinTech sectors.

ITligent in its investment portfolio, has a variety of projects, both in very early stages of development, as well as more mature ones.

At the beginning of the life of the project, we focus on rapid market verification of the startup MVP, and after achieving the desired KPI, the successful transition onto a global scale, with a strong support in the areas of IT, finance, legal and marketing.    

Our idea is to build scalable, dynamically growing, global businesses, based on solid technology foundations and e-marketing platforms.

We are keen to undertake the startups, with a full support in the aforementioned areas. 


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