Investment strategy

We focus our investments particularly on the MedTech and FinTech areas.

We try to realize the projects in the MVP model and after verifying it based on the given KPI’s, we increase the engagement and scale it globally.

We create the business environment to every project which supports the project realization, delivering the IT, marketing, finance, legal, accounting and advisory competencies – EU funds.

Investment Portfolio

Tele – rehabilitation platform

ndustry: MedTech

A platform that use a band equipped with EMG (electromyographic) sensors to allow self-rehabilitation at home.

The project allows for rehabilitation exercises at home, without the need for continuous visits to the rehabilitator.

This saves time and money, without making the patient wait in rehabilitation queues.

Dedicated IT system, based on artificial intelligence, controls the correctness of the exercises, corrects the mistakes made by the patient and sends the rehabilitation statistics to the supervising physician.

The system collects historical data, monitors the progress of rehabilitation. It also allows you to compare results with other patients in conjunction with the gamification module, which helps and makes your exercise more enjoyable.

The project involved a broad scientific staff, with the participation of several medical schools. – A platform enabling the automation of the IT process outsourcing

Industry: IT / outsourcing

A platform automating the process of renting the developers for the IT project.

The clients gets access to the base of more than 650 profiles of IT specialists where just like in the internet shop he can check the rates per hour, availability and engage instantly the selected IT specialists in the outsourcing model.

Thanks to such a solution the process of selection of the IT team for the project shortens from 1-2 months to just a few days.

Among the clients of the Out2source platform are such brands as: PZU, Empik or Eniro.

Cursor – Platform of the automated currencies’ trade on the Forex market

Industry: FinTech

Cursor is an advanced finance platform to automated currencies trade on the Forex market, based on the rules of the hedging fund, using the HFT mechanism – High Frequency Trading.

Finance platform offering payment cards of profiled usage, with the possibility to keep confidentiality

Industry: FinTech

The project is a result of years of experiences of the co-investor being the technology partner of MasterCard.

The finance platform delivers own payment cards of profiled usage, with the possibility to keep confidentiality.

The project meets the requirements of the strict standards of the payment market – PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and a status of the Payment Agent.

Corporate bonds – yachts’ charter

Industry: Finance / Investment

Corporate bonds emission, secured by the yachts worth double the market worth (the biggest fleet of yachts in the Mazury district).

The goal of emission of the bonds is to gain money for building the next yachts dedicated for chartering.

The company managing the yachts possesses its own shipyard and a yacht port which enables to significantly lowering the costs of building and maintaining the yachts.

The interest rate of the bonds: 7% annually, 4-years bonds

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